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Let's talk about energy


Co-located alongside the UK's largest environmental event, RWM & Letsrecycle Live; We're here to help both private and public businesses from all sectors enhance their energy efficiency strategies, and accelerate their decarbonisation blueprints through first class networking opportunities and leading content.

With net-zero targets for 2030 pushing for decarbonisation, energy developments are in full focus, and demands for us to approach how we generate, use, and reuse energy differently.

The event encompasses established energy technologies such as biogas, anaerobic digestion, compost, renewables, electrification of vehicles, energy from waste, and landfill management in addition to providing a platform for future technologies such as; Carbon capture storage (CCS), direct air capture (DAC), energy storage systems, hydrogen technologies, AI in energy management tracking and more.



Whilst resource management and established energy technologies play a vital part in the energy management journey, reduction of Co2 drives the global focus for 2023, and calls on every sector to review how they set out to effectively decarbonise their heat, transport and power.

EDFT brings together all stakeholders to tackle these issues head on, creating a knowledge hub and leading platform for businesses and thought leaders to showcase innovative products and services that will drive the future of energy efficiency.

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Who is our audience?

Here is a snapshot of who you can expect to network with and exhibit alongside at the show


                  Energy Consumers

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                     Energy Producers

Energy Producers

                 Infrastructure & Build

Infrastructure and Build

           Energy Brokers & Consultants

Energy Brokers and Consultants

Areas of focus

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