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A Range of Learning Opportunities

The EDFT Digital Series brings you a wide-ranging programme of free online educational and interactive sessions in a variety of formats. Our programme of virtual events is hosted by industry leaders providing valuable information, the latest innovations and support & advice on the most pressing challenges facing the industry today.

Stay tuned here to discover our upcoming programme below, plan your schedule and take part in our digital events!

EDFT has four digital products. 

Digital Focus Webinars, Digital Spotlights, Expert Topic Series' and a Digital Newsletter.

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Why join our community

Give you free support, advice, and education on the most pressing challenges facing your organisation.

Act as a buying guide for solutions that can help your organisation overcome these challenges.

Create a support network of organisations in similar positions.

Act as a forum where your organisations’ concerns can be voiced, listened to, and discussed by experts.

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Let's run you through the products we have that you could be a part of...

Digital Focus Webinar

 Digital focus is our all-year-round webinar series that offers a deep dive into a particular subject area, lead by one business and any additional guests they wish to feature,

Designed to build awareness and understanding around key and current issues, solutions and case studies in the sector through live video content provided by you.

Delivering the right audience to our sponsors and partners is always our priority when planning a digital event, and at EDFT Digital we will ensure that your products, services, case studies or content are presented to the right people at the right time.

Whether it be a fireside chat, panel discussion or presentations or case studies with q+a - we're ready to help create top quality free content for our audiences in the sector.


Digital Spotlights

This monthly series of digital events focus on a range of specific subjects in the industry, bringing our audience bite-sized live seminars of 15-20 minutes from expert speakers and event partners, sourced by our Content Team.

We allow one sponsor per Topic Series - and on a first-come-first-served basis. We provide a platform that holds these pre-recorded thought-leading presentations, split by sessions, with a live chat and Q&A function that will allow you to interact with our audience during the session.

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Expert Topic Series

The Expert Topic Series is sponsored by one company and joined by two independent speakers who are invited via our content team, who can outreach to our contacts in the industry and help strong collaborations come to life.

The sponsor will be able to have fresh insight into the market responses on sub topics, demonstrate success and how challenges have been overcome, and assist with education for the sector.

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Digital Newsletter

A Range of Learning Opportunities

Designed to build awareness and understanding around key and current issues in the sector through digital articles, adverts and banners provided by you.

Delivering insightful and useful content to our prospected visitors and digital community is always our priority. 

This series of digital insights via our newsletter starts from January 2023 and will focus on a range of current topics and news in the industry, bringing our audience bite-sized insights to click through and learn more, with the full articles hosted on the news section of our website. We have a range of featured banner options also available to promote your business, projects or products, too.

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